Lehman Brothers Treasury Co. B.V. in liquidation      

Lehman Brothers Treasury Co. B.V. in liquidation

Lehman Brothers Treasury Co. B.V. ("LBT") was declared bankrupt (in staat van faillissement) by the Amsterdam District Court on 8 October 2008 with the appointment of Rutger Schimmelpenninck and on 13 october 2009 Frédéric Verhoeven as bankruptcy trustees (curatoren) (the "Bankruptcy Trustees"). On 10 December 2012, LBT offered a Composition Plan to its creditors. The Amsterdam District Court has confirmed (gehomologeerd) the Composition Plan on 22 March 2013. The decision has been published on the LBT Website and on www.rechtspraak.nl.

The ultimate date for appealing the decision of the District Court was 2 April 2013. According to the administration of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, until 3 April 2013 no appeal against the District Court's confirmation decision has been lodged. The absence of appeal means the Composition Plan became effective as of 3 April 2013. As of 3 April 2013, the Bankruptcy Trustees have been appointed as liquidators of LBT (the "Liquidators").

The purpose of this website is to inform noteholders ("Noteholders") and other creditors of LBT about the liquidation.

The Liquidators make information available in the following ways:

(I) Information to Noteholders and other creditors:
Information will be made available through "Notices to Noteholders" which can be found under "Notices to Noteholders". When appropriate, the Liquidators will also send these "Notices to Noteholders" through the communication channels of the clearing agencies.

(II) Information concerning the Liquidators:
this information will be published in public reports. The Liquidators will publish public reports on a quarterly basis. All public reports will be made available on this website under "General information".

(III) Financial information:
the available financial information can be found under "Financial information".

This information includes the FAQ with respect to the published LBT Valuations and the Manifest Error Bar Date, which is published on this website in English and German.

(IV) Program documentation:
the available program documentation can be found under "Program documentation".

This website serves for information purposes only. The information contained in this website is based on information which is not complete and subject to change. Noteholders who wish to obtain advice regarding their rights and obligations under the notes are advised to consult independent counsel. Please read the disclaimer.